Calgary Masters Lacrosse League Rules

The Team

1. All Master players must attain their 30th birthday in the year they compete. There is no exception other than the "grandfather rule as voted at the 2011 AGM.

2. Maximum number of dressed players per team is 18 per game. Should a team require players they must ask the opposing team for permission. The opposing team has the option to allow the substitutes and play the game, or allow the substitutes but take a win by default. They may also chose to not allow any substitutes at all. If the game is declared a win by default the team receiving the win will be awarded a 5-0 victory to count toward their season standings.

3. Players may not be registered in any other division or category of Box Lacrosse in Canada or U.S.A.

4. All players must be registered with the ALA.

5. Any ties in the league standings will be decided by a countback using goals for
(GF) and goals against (GA) to break the tie.

The Game and Equipment

1. The game will be a maximum 3 - 20 minute periods, with a 3-minute rest between periods. Play will be straight time, except for the last 2 minutes of the 3rd period; which will be stop time. Any overtime will continue as stop time.

2. In the event of a tie in regulation time there will be a 5-minute sudden death overtime period. If still tied after the overtime a 5-player shootout will occur.

3. There will be a 5 second possession rule applied. This rule is waived if the player

4. All players must wear the same color jerseys.

5. Helmets w/ facemasks and Gloves are MANDATORY (CSA Approved).

6. All goaltender equipment worn above the waist (except helmet and gloves) must be fully covered by the sweater. Sweaters must conform to the body of the goaltender (no extra material under the arm) and not to exceed past the inseam.

7. There will be no stick measurement Penalties and Violations

Game play

1. The first player to a loose ball along the boards is awarded possession.

2. The ball carrier may not run past more than ONE player while ADVANCING TOWARDS THE NET. This does not pertain to lateral movement across the floor. Loss of possession will occur on any infraction of this rule.

3. No team may use a ZONE DEFENSE when teams are even strength. First time is a warning. Any subsequent ZONE defense will result in a bench minor penalty to
the defensive team.

4. A team on a power play may shoot through the lanes of a ZONE defense.

5. Team in possession retains possession for restart after stoppage for ANY injury.

6. Face-off: Only the players facing off may step into either of the face-off circles before the ball leaves the LARGE circle, or is in possession of a player. Face-off players may not kick, hit hold, or step on the stick of an opponent. Face-off players may not PIN the ball in either circle. Non face-off players reach into the circles for the ball, but must not play the stick of either face-off player

7. After a penalty of one player, play shall resume with the non-offending team possession at center.

8. DANGEROUS SHOT RULE; No deliberate hard shots are to be directed through a crowd. Loss of possession will occur. Players are encouraged to go around an opponent before shooting. A player moving towards the net must be a step around the defender before attempting to shoot and must have a clear shooting lane to the net, if the shooter is stationary the shooter must be a body length away form the defensive player and must have a clear shooting lane to the net. This rule pertains only to outside the Dangerous Shot line (24ft) dotted line.

9. Any offensive player hitting a defensive player with the ball on a shot towards the goal will be assessed a 2 minute penalty. NOTE: It is not a penalty if the defensive player is hit while he is in the crease, or if he makes a deliberate move to stop the ball.

10. Within the Dangerous shot line (24ft) dotted line, the "shooting through the crowd/dangerous shot rule (8) does not apply

11. There is absolutely NO DELIBERATE STICK OR BODY CONTACT. i) Offensive or Defensive picks which result in heavy contact. ii) Defensive player moving his stick to strike an opponents stick. iii) Defensive player bumping opponent on the way to the net or pushing him with his hands. THESE ARE EXAMPLES ONLY, NOT ALL INCLUSIVE. ALL DELIBERATE CONTACT FROM ANYWHERE ON THE FLOOR WILL BE PENALIZED.

12. An interference penalty will be assessed to any player who deliberately holds his
stick in the face of an opponent

13. Any follow-through from a shot is a minor penalty. In the event of a follow through penalty after a shot, any goal scored WILL NOT count.

14. Any unsportsmanlike penalty will result in a penalty shot. Player does not go to box but the penalty will count towards the 3-penalty expulsion. If no goal is scored on the penalty shot possession is awarded to the non-offending team at center.

15. No team will be more than one player short as a result of a penalty. In the event of a second penalty there will be a penalty shot awarded.

16. Any penalties on a player during a breakaway shall result in a penalty shot.

17. Any player receiving a MAJOR penalty shall be expelled for the remainder of that
game PLUS the game following. Any player penalized for fighting and deemed the aggressor, will be expelled from the game and suspended from the CMLL Masters Lacrosse League for a period of one year from the date of the incident.

18. Any player receiving 3 penalties in a game shall be suspended for the remainder of the game.

19. There shall be no deliberate "Trapping" of the ball. If the ref deems that "trapping" has occurred possession will be awarded to the opposing team.

20. There shall be no "two man" rule in the defensive zone only.