1. What equipment do I need to play in the CMLL?

Answer:  Every player is required to have an approved (CSA) helmet and mask, gloves, protective cup and a stick.  Sticks can be composed of either a plastic head and aluminum (or wood) shaft or complete wooden stick.  No long sticks are allowed.  Jerseys will be supplied for both runners and goalies.  

2. Do goalies need to pay their league fee and purchase equipment?

Answer: No. Goalies only need to pay their league fees.  The CMLL will provide all goal equipment other than helmet/mask and gloves.  We use the same goal equipment as you see in the NLL.

3. What are the age limitations?

Answer:  All Master players must attain their 30th birthday in the year they compete.  The exception to this rule is 25-29 year olds who have registered for Masters in a previous season.  We do not have an age maximum.

4.  Do I need lacrosse experience to play in the CMLL?

Answer: Absolutely not.  "Masters" is just a more eloquent way of saying old and creaky.  The CMLL happily accepts any player who meets the age requirements regardless of experience.  We have a mix of players ranging from those who never held a stick prior to playing Master to players who have played Senior A and Pro.  This league was started to provide a fun, non-competitive, non-contact environment for: 1) new players to learn the game at an age where playing Senior lacrosse is not an option; 2) getting back into the game after not having played for years; 3) fathers and coaches who do not have experience playing to learn what the kids already know....

5. What is the rule on possession of the ball?

Answer:  There will be a 5 second possession rule applied.  This rule is waived if the player RECEIVES THE BALL ON A BREAKAWAY WITH ONLY ONE DEFENDER TO BEAT.

6. How long are the games?

Answer:  The game will be a maximum 3 - 20 minute periods, with a 3-minute rest between periods.  Play will be straight time.  Any overtime will continue as straight time.  In the event of a tie in regulation time there will be a 5-minute sudden death overtime period.  If still tied after the overtime a 5-player shootout will occur.

7. Is stick/body contact allowed?

Answer:  There is absolutely NO DELIBERATE STICK OR BODY CONTACT. i) Offensive or Defensive picks which result in heavy contact. ii) Defensive player moving his stick to strike an opponents stick. iii) Defensive player bumping opponent on the way to the net or pushing him with his hands.  THESE ARE EXAMPLES ONLY, NOT ALL INCLUSIVE.  ALL DELIBERATE CONTACT FROM ANYWHERE ON THE 

9.  What other events will occur over the season?

Answer:   There will be a playoff format set up to finish the season during regular floor time used by the league (or an extension there of).  Should the opportunity arise we will arrange a travel team (or teams) to attend out of town tournaments or play exhibition games against non-league teams in Calgary and/or centres near Calgary.  Additional costs for travel and/or exhibition games may be incurred for individual players. There is also an annual Calgary Cup tournament held in Calgary and all CMLL members are welcome and encouraged to play. The tournament usually runs during the May long weekend.

10.  Will there be practices for my team throughout the season?

Answer:  We do not take things that seriously in the CMLL.  Your team will only take to the floor for one game a week; each week of the season.   By watching the league message board you may also see an opportunity to join in with other CMLL players who are planning to rent floor time at the Soccer Centre for pick-up lacrosse (non-sanctioned and non-insured by the CMLL).

11. Do I get to keep my jersey at the end of the season?

Answer: No.  Your jersey deposit covers rental of the jersey for the season.  Any jersey that the league is unable to collect at the end of the season will be billed to the player.