CMLL AGM Minutes 2023
Austin’s Pub February 22 2023

Attendees: Marty Homan, Paul McCormack, Al Liddiard, Leon Perrier, Andre Saguez, Gurmit, Bhachu.John Campbell

  1. Marty  motioned to accept minutes of the 2022 AGM seconded by Leon Perrier, carried
  2. New Board members appointed, Leon Perrier to become the new Registrar, Andre Saguez to become the new goalie coordinator, Gurmit to become Communications and advertising
  3. Marty Homan reported that we are in a good financial situation with approx. $32,882.22  in the bank and no bills, further discussion on getting that surplus down.
  4. Al Liddiard presented the budget. The registration will remain drop the $325.00.
  5. New equipment for next year $2,500.00, mostly for Goalie equipment
  6. Al Liddiard motioned that an additional $800.00 be added to equipment budget for a laptop for the Registrar to use. Seconded by Gurmit. Carried.
  7. Discussion to stay with ALA, all agreed we will
  8. Jason was not present to report on the webpage and we trust he will continue in the role as it is very well done
  9. Leon looking for the list of emails and with Al will get the registration open 
  10. Team numbers and players per team will be determined after registration
  11. Calgary cup will be June 23,24 and 25th, Josh Herrman and Craig MacDonald will organize it again this year
  12. Pat report the referee situation is good and it was suggested we look for another ref
  13. Winter numbers are down, only 7-8 guys a week
  14. Don Aldred reported no major issues with the goalies, he will have Jr. Master goalies play in Jr. and spare in Sr. We will buy 12 new Goalie jerseys.
  15. Andre to survey goalies for equipment required
  16. Discussion on moving the venue to Sarcee covered outdoor floor so that we can start mid-April and play until September, thus doubling our floor times while decreasing registration and giving our members much more value.
  17. Draft night is to be 2 weeks before the league start and 1 week before the start there will be a drop-in night to go over rules for all players but especially new members.
  18. Gurmit motioned for $1,500.00 for advertising seconded by Marty, carried
  19. Facebook account is set up by Josh and we need to get control of that
  20. It was voted to keep Cathy on as trainer/ scorekeeper
  21. Marty motioned for adjournment, seconded by Paul. Carried.